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casual and mains

Roast Pumpkin, Pinenut & Parmesan Risotto - $17(GF & V)

Tender risotto, roasted pumpkin, cream fraiche, pinenuts, parmesan, spinach, tomato salsa & avocado oil

Seafood & Chorizo Pasta - $22

Steamed mussels, tarakihi, prawns, olives and chorizo. Bound in tomato & fresh herbs. Topped with parmesan and toasted ciabatta

Grilled Pork Cutlet - $23

300gm pork cutlet, crispy fries, baby leaf salad, apple hollandaise sauce & crispy fried onion rings

Homemade Fish Cakes - $19 (GF)

Fresh fish bound with potato, herbs & lemongrass. Mixed leaf salad, hollandaise sauce, lemon

Chicken Salad - $20 (GF)

Succulent chicken strips marinated in Moroccan spice. With peppers, onions, button mushrooms and ginger on baby leaf salad. Finished with yoghurt and coriander

Thai Beef and Prawn Skewers - $21

Tender beef & prawns grilled, dusted with chilli lime dukkah. Served on an Asian salad with Thai dressing

Moroccan Chicken Pasta - $20

Fresh chicken, button mushrooms, olives & Moroccan spice. Bound in cream & tomato. Topped with hummus parmesan and toasted ciabatta

Vegetable Tarte Tatin - $20

Gourmet potatoes, olives, cherry tomatoes, button mushrooms, artichokes, Mediterranean vegetables, baked with puff pastry topped with baby leaf salad, chilli lime dukkah & apple glaze