Qualities of a Good Restaurant Manager

While finding a good chef is difficult, getting a good restaurant manager can even be more difficult. As a matter of fact, a restaurant manager is as important as a chef. This is somebody who will run the business on your behalf, and they will be the face of your restaurant. First of all, a restaurant manager should be a good leader. He will be at the top of the structure, but below him, there will be many people whom he will be leading. As such, he should be able to demonstrate some really good leadership skills. Instead of dividing employees, he should be someone who brings them together always and remind them of the importance of working in harmony. Showing favouritism can ruin otherwise good management. Additionally, a good restaurant manager should have the following qualities.

Passion: While many people are money-driven, passion should be the primary driver in doing anything. A good restaurant manager should be driven by passion, rather than money. That is a sign that the person loves their job and can do their best to achieve the best results no matter the circumstances. Managers handle lots of things; that workload calls for passion. A passionate restaurant manager will also be able to inspire his staff to work hard for the better of your business.

Friendliness: A restaurant manager is a big man at the restaurant. He gives out orders which must be followed for the restaurant to move forward. However, he doesn’t need to be unfriendly or harsh for people to follow his orders. He can still tell people what he wants them to do in a friendly way and they will do. However, friendliness shouldn’t mean that the manager should not be firm.

Innovative: There is a lot of competition in the restaurant business, and that calls for an innovative manager. A restaurant manager who does something over and over again may not be able to keep up with the competition. The manager should be somebody who can keep an eye on what the competitors are doing and try to come up with ways of outperforming them. Any manager who is afraid of change can easily bring down your business.

Other qualities

  • A people person
  • Consistency
  • Organised