Restaurant Staff Retention Tips

Once you have a good team in place, your next focus should be on how to retain them. With every employer wanting to have the best staff in their organisation, retaining your staff can be a problem if you don’t know what to do. As they say, numbers don’t lie, and if your employees are performing well, it won’t be a secret. In fact, their reputation will be out there in the public domain, and your competitors may snatch them up with a promise of bigger salaries. To retain your restaurant staff, here are some tips to help you.

Salary increment: Almost all people are on the lookout for greener pastures. Tell me what you would do if you’re earning $1500 per month and another employer comes with a promise of double the amount? Unless you have other good reasons, that sounds irresistible. That’s the nature of any employee. If anyone comes with better employment terms and conditions, you’re likely to lose them.

Focus more on passion than experience: While experience is essential, passion plays a bigger role when it comes to employee retention. A passionate restaurant worker is not motivated by the salary they earn; rather, they are motivated by the fact that they love their job. No matter what, they can not be swayed easily.

Reward long service: A restaurant employee who has been with you for five or so years deserves a reward for his loyalty. That will make him feel valued and motivated to stay with you even longer, helping you to achieve your business objectives.

Reward good performance: Recognising and rewarding good performance will inspire your employees to be at their best.